San Diego

Roadtrip to Arizona

Roadtrip to Arizona – Lots of driving plus Bearizona, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, Slab City, and Salvation Mountain.

San Francisco to San DIego

Photos from the sail down from San Francisco to San Diego. It was still colder sailing than I would have liked, but the sea was much smoother and with an additional crew member on board, we were able to get a lot more sleep.


San Francisco!

San Francisco!

San Francisco has been good to us. We arrived on October 10th, anchoring straight away in Aquatic Park for a couple days, then moving to Clipper Cove at Treasure Island. We only had a few days to enjoy the city, get settled in, and frantically catch up on work before starting a 10 day Wilderness First Responder course. It was a ton more work than I was expecting but I left the class with the confidence that if Drew ever has a sucking chest wound, I could probably stumble my way through treatment.

Drew practicing CPR

Wilderness First Responder group after a mass causalty event.

This wouldn't have happened if he hadn't burned the toast...who am I kidding, we don't even have a toaster.

After the class, we intended to stay for about a week and then head south, but the city sucked us in and the next few weeks were a whirlwind. I started working regularly at my friend Lauren’s house, which was kind of a godsend with consistent internet, showers, warm blankets and a puppy dog. Between work and sleep Drew and I tried our best to spend as much time as possible eating mission burritos and experiencing San Francisco. We went out sailing around the bay with friends, we went to the Museum of Modern Art, the Green Festival, the Kinetic Steam Works Festival, and the Dia De Los Muertos procession.

Mike and Sarah

Moxie and Shane

Zak and Hannah

Aylan and Adrian

Drew on the way to Dia De Los Meurtos

I'm a skeleton!

So adorably dead

Dia De Los Muertos procession

fighting destruction fire robots at the Kinetic Steam Works Festival

Dragon car

We also took a weekend to get out of the city. We rented a car and headed to Orr Hot Springs Resort just outside of Ukiah. It was amazing. We drank champagne, sat in huge outdoor pools of warm relaxation and fell asleep to the smell of redwood trees. It was lovely. On the way home we stopped in at our friend Aylan’s house. We had a delicious dinner with his parents, kissed some ponies, and played with the new puppy.

Drew at the redwoods forest

Now, for the past week or two, I have been focused on provisioning, both for the sail down to San Diego as well as the exit from the United States. It’s a surprising amount of work. My provisioning momentum was in full force right up until my new Sailrite sewing machine that Drew got me arrived. Now I am more interested in buying fabric, repairing sails, and sewing tutus (sure it will sew through 10 layers of heavy canvas, that doesn’t mean it won’t also make soft little dresses).

My new sewing machine!!!

So, our intended 1 month stay in San Francisco, turned into a 2 month stay and before we knew it we were wearing sweaters everyday and even lighting the furnace on occasion. As amazing as San Francisco is, its time to move on to warmer waters. Our friend Aylan is going to be joining us on the sail down to San Diego. The current plan is to head south sometime around the end of next week depending on the weather. We will head offshore straight out from San Francisco and hopefully not return to shore until San Diego!



Photos: Neah Bay WA to San Francisco CA

My first catch - an Albacore Tuna!

Shortly after I cut him open I realized letting him bleed all over the cockpit was not the best idea.

Sunrise on my first 4am watch.

Drew on watch reading "The Sea Captain's Wife". An amazing book, but a little disturbing to read while at sea.

Drew tying in the reefs during some big winds

Our mainsail tore somewhere between Neah Bay and Coos Bay.

A sea lion at Coos Bay

A good omen as we leave Coos Bay for San Francisco

The waves crashing fiercely at Coos Bay. The day we left the coast guard closed the bar to vessels under 36ft. We are 37.

Its good to be back out on the ocean after a week waiting out the weather.

Our first whale sighting!

and dolphins too!

It was hard to get a good picture of them leaping around the bows, but the water was so clear we could easily photograph them gliding alongside.x

Our little bird that stayed on board for the whole afternoon.

Finally arriving in San Francisco under the Golden Gate Bridge