Roadtrip! – Baja by car

Roadtrip! – Baja by car

Well, it didn’t take long after returning to La Paz before we were heading north again.

I *love* road trips so when we heard about Wasteland Weekend in Southern California it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see the inland of Baja by car. We also wanted to pick up some supplies and go to the San Diego Zoo so it was going to be an all around win.

Hurricane season was in full effect so we were not surprised to see the rain, what did surprise us was the full on flooding. On two occasions we had to stop at a flooded out road and wait for several hours before getting up the courage to wade through the river in our rental car.

We also did not expect the distance between gas stations, especially OPEN gas stations at night. We had planned to drive straight through over night to California. It didn’t work out. Instead we ran out of gas somewhere around midnight in the middle of nowhere. We tried to suffer through sleeping in the car but between the swarming mosquitoes and the unbearable heat we finally gave up and  pitched a tent along side the road. There is something very scary about sleeping in a tent alongside the road in Mexico. Then, to add to the experience, somewhere around 4am it started raining. Somewhere around 4:05am I got uncontrollably sick, forcing me to run out into the rain through the desert. A bit of advice: do not run barefoot through the desert in the dark.

After all the flooding, mosquitoes and sickness, it could only get better – and it did. We made it to Wasteland Weekend, picked up our supplies and still had time to check out the zoo before returning home a week later.

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