Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

A much needed break from the boatyard.

My beautiful and amazing cousin Stacee was coming to Cabo San Lucas to attend a wedding and nothing was going to keep me from seeing her.

I left the boatyard at dawn to catch the first shuttle that would take me to the bus station in La Paz. I had it perfectly timed until I had to run back to the boat for my forgotten wallet. By the time I reached the road I knew that if I didn’t do something, I wasn’t going to catch the shuttle on time. Years ago, hitchhiking was second nature to me. I was a kid and had very few fears of the unknown. I hitchhiked to get places. I hitchhiked to meet people. I hitchhiked for fun. It was just something I did. Now that I have a bit more life under my belt I tend to shy away from activities that will put me in enclosed spaces with strangers where I have no control over the speed, direction or character of the experience. For whatever reason, after a decade of not hitchhiking, walking along a road in Mexico, I stuck my thumb out and hoped for the best – and that’s exactly what I got. Within 60 seconds a truck pulled up, asked me in Spanish where I was going and we were off. Ten minutes later we arrived at the bus station in La Paz and I was boarding my bus to Cabo and to my lovely friend.

For the next two days we lounged in luxury at a beautiful resort outside of the city. We swam and ate and drank mojitos by the pool. It was a glorious contrast to the previous month in the boatyard, and I loved it. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend away and Stacee was the perfect partner to spend it with. It was therapeutic in all the right ways.

The road home was a bit trickier. The bus broke down outside of La Paz and rather than wait for a new bus to come pick us up, the passengers were instructed to make our way home on the local buses. Although I am practicing everyday, my Spanish is poor at best. Navigating my way into and through La Paz on the local buses was not something I was prepared for. Truth be told, I would have rather walked if I thought I would get there before dark. I just ended up getting on the first bus that came and hoped that I would see something familiar. Luckily I did. I got off the bus near the grocery store and headed towards downtown where I could catch the shuttle to the boatyard. After finding my way this far by myself, I was feeling exceptionally capable and independent. About three blocks later a car pulled up next to me. I looked over with a big smile, ready to say hello, thinking it was just someone stopping to ask directions. It’s a strange thing how quickly our brains can comprehend a bad situation. Before I even got the word “hola” out of my mouth, my brain screamed “he has his penis out in his hand, you should probably go now”. So I turned away and continued walking, a little stunned, and a lot scared. The car followed me for about 6 more blocks until I finally reached a main street and he could no longer stay behind me without creating a scene. I grabbed the first cab that I saw and took it straight back to the boatyard. I’m still a little shaken whenever I have to walk alone, but I think it was a good lesson for me about safety.

Now, I’m back at the boatyard and back to work but I feel rejuvenated and inspired to get this ship back in order.

My Stacee wandering with the sand

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