San Diego CA to Ensenada B.C.

San Diego CA to Ensenada B.C.

We’ve spent four days working frantically to get all the necessary projects completed. My big projects were to build self wicking garden boxes for the boat, start the seeds (tomatoes, broccoli, baby carrots, spinach, lettuce, cilantro, chives and parsley), reorganize the amas, and provision for the 2+ week journey south. Drew’s big projects were to install the water maker and the ham radio (and probably a million other things). It was exhausting but I’m amazed at how much we accomplished. Now we head out!

All projects on deck

Sunday – 29 January 2012
After breakfast and a few last minute projects, we got a later start than I had hoped, but in the end, the big hold-up was clearing through the San Diego exiting process. Since the boat is Canadian, we had to get a cruising permit in Port Angeles, Washington, which had to be returned before exiting San Diego, California. Apparently, the officials handling this particular matter are not staffed at the customs dock on Sundays. We were told that we would likely have to wait until Monday to leave. Luckily, after calling around a bit, Drew was able to convince them to come down to the dock and clear us. We finally left the customs dock at around 3pm. It was perfect weather, sunny, nice wind and a lovely start for the sail south.

Retaping the awesome hula-hoop Kimlett gave me as we wait to clear customs out of the USA

Casting off from San Diego

Drew appreciating the sunset

Monday – 30 January 2012
Hula-hooping and sunshine – it’s a hard life.

Hula-hooping in the sun

We made it to Ensenada, Baja California just before Midnight. Both of our cruising books stated that we would be able to anchor “just inside the break-water”, so we motored in, found a cozy spot, and settled in for the night.

Tuesday  – 31 January 2012
This morning it was clear that we had anchored in the wrong area. We were sitting alone in the middle of an industrial complex while just across the water a sea of masts sprouted along the horizon. We headed over to find the anchorage, radioed in and quickly found that in fact, there is no anchoring anywhere in the area. We grabbed a slip for the night and set off to clear customs.

We decided to clear customs in Ensenada because the process is apparently streamlined compared to clearing customs in other Mexican cities. Streamlined, meaning all the necessary offices are in one building. The whole thing,  tourist cards, temporary import for the boat, fishing licenses, and mexican customs, still took about 5 hours and required lots of forms and copies, and even though each item was paid for at the same teller, some had to be paid with credit card while others had to be cash. If this is streamlined, I am so happy that we stopped in Ensenada. I can’t imagine trying to navigate the system while running all over an unfamiliar city.


Hills around the Ensenada marina

Drew and Aylan on shore in Ensenada

Wednesday – 1 February 2012
Showers, ceviche, and south bound!

Drew raising the Mexican flag


Hardcore sailing - mexico style

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