Photos: Neah Bay WA to San Francisco CA

My first catch - an Albacore Tuna!

Shortly after I cut him open I realized letting him bleed all over the cockpit was not the best idea.

Sunrise on my first 4am watch.

Drew on watch reading "The Sea Captain's Wife". An amazing book, but a little disturbing to read while at sea.

Drew tying in the reefs during some big winds

Our mainsail tore somewhere between Neah Bay and Coos Bay.

A sea lion at Coos Bay

A good omen as we leave Coos Bay for San Francisco

The waves crashing fiercely at Coos Bay. The day we left the coast guard closed the bar to vessels under 36ft. We are 37.

Its good to be back out on the ocean after a week waiting out the weather.

Our first whale sighting!

and dolphins too!

It was hard to get a good picture of them leaping around the bows, but the water was so clear we could easily photograph them gliding alongside.x

Our little bird that stayed on board for the whole afternoon.

Finally arriving in San Francisco under the Golden Gate Bridge

3 Responses to “Photos: Neah Bay WA to San Francisco CA”

  1. Chris M. says:

    Passing under the Golden Gate must have been a pretty cool feeling. I’ve sailed under it on a catamaran, but only on a harbour tour.

  2. travis collins says:

    Hey kiddo I got 2 c your pics ,Lisa gave me the address so I could c your journey! Looks like such a great n fun experience, I was jus asking your sis how u were n it looks like your doing great I’m happy 4 u. Jus want 2 say hi. Take care n b good luck…..Travis

    • admin says:

      Hey Travis! So good to hear from you! Yes, things are going great – always an adventure when you live in a 23 ft x 37 ft wooden box on the sea :) I’m glad you got the blog address, its definitely the easiest way to keep track of me!



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