Juan De Fuca Straight

N 48°11.183′
W 123°39.189′

Yesterday there was a weather advisory for high winds in the Juan De Fuca Straight so we decided to spend the day in Port Angeles catching up on day job work, boat projects and showers (my shower was unfortunately in a large room accompanied by 30 prepubescent children. It was traumatic for everyone involved).

I also went grocery shopping to provision the boat for the next big stretch down to San Francisco. It’s a little tricky to plan 10-12 days worth of meals, without a refrigerator, knowing that by day 6 all fresh produce will be dead and gone. I got a bag of oranges so that we don’t get scurvy.

We left Port Angeles at around 11am this morning. It’s my first time captaining for the day – I’m strict but fair. We are currently motoring up the Juan De Fuca Straight heading towards Neah Bay. We expect to be there by 9pm tonight, then we just wait for a good weather window to head out to sea. It’s super cold and the wind is blowing straight at us so we probably won’t get the sails up today. We are also out of water – this morning I had to make the coffee and tea with club soda. Regardless, we are both happy and excited to make it to the launching off point tonight.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I just found your site. Your email went to my spam pile but I found it anyway. I am super jealous and will check in often. Love you.

    • admin says:

      Oh man! I’m glad you found me! – We are in Neah Bay now waiting for a weather window. I am stealing internet from shore but I have zero phone service. I’ll try to let you know before we take off! I love you. xox.

  2. Anon says:

    Sleeping seagul. I lol’d

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