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One of the jobs on the boat that I have taken on is “fish master”. So far I have been less than successful.

My experience, until recently, was limited to childhood pond fishing expeditions with my dad and some spear fishing here and there. I can’t specifically remember ever catching anything except for the summer in Mexico when I was 13 and speared a whole bag full of fish. Upon surfacing, my dad gently explained that angel fish aren’t especially good for eating, then stood next to me, helping me filet each one, and then frying up the 1/4 inch slivers for dinner. He was right, angel fish *aren’t* especially good for eating.

Now I am trying to figure out the whole “sea fishing under sail” thing. I have a couple of books, “The Fisherman’s Ocean” which is written by a Ph.D. oceanographer and takes a more scientific approach, and “The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing” which I highly recommend and has given me a ton of useful information. I also have a little book on fishing rigs that has helped me with the setup.

Drew has equipped me with all sorts of lines lures and swivels. Now all I have to do is catch us dinner. Currently I am running two handlines off the aft cleats on either side of the boat. One is a simple rope-snubber-rope-snap swivel-braided line ending with a spoon lure. The second is more complicated with rope-snubber-rope-snap swivel-braided line-Delta Diver-monofilament-flasher-monofilament ending with an artificial anchovy lure.

I figured by now I’d have piles of fish on deck, and my biggest problem would be how to wash the blood stains away…but like I said, not even a bite yet.

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  1. Diana Leitch says:

    Girl …you are in for the adventure of a life time and I am sure you will love most of it .I spent 3 years at sea with my husband and found,for the most part ,it was fabulous ……but hair raising at times and almost never boring …oh and by the way …that was on a huge container ship !!HA! HA! Take care of each other and have a wonderful trip Diana

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