blood moon and a cockpit full of peanut shells

N 49°00.709′
W 123°34.970′

We pulled away from Granville Island dock at 4:28pm. We kissed and bounced and smiled at finally reaching escape velocity.

We sailed along with light winds for a while and discussed the possibility of sailing through the night, taking watch shifts and then arriving at Port Angeles by tomorrow afternoon. A few hours later the wind started picking up and we were making solid progress at 5-6 knots then the water started getting choppy and the VHF was saying possible gale force winds so we looked at the map and chose an anchorage near Porlier Pass – about 3 hours away – to spend the night. I settled in with some lures and fishing line while Drew intermittently tossed peanut shells at me. The moon rose red and the sky was patched with rainbow bursts. I think it’s a good omen.

Day 1: so far so good.

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